Using of IES certificates

International graduate IES certificates have been issued since 1997 and have gained significant positions in the global labour market. The certificate does not assess the graduate's knowledge, but complements the information on the quality level of his/her education. The advantage of the certificate is its clarity, because it is always issued in English and the official language of a particular country. In addition, the certificate can be obtained in almost 30 other language versions. That is why it is a “borderless certificate”.

Since 2019 we have been issuing ICI certificates which describe professional competencies of the graduates.

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Notified companies and institutions

Here is a list of companies and institutions that have received an information letter on the certification of educational institutions as well as the international IES and ICI certificates. The list is being continuously updated. If you find that an important institution or company is missing, we will appreciate if you inform us about it ( Select the country with a list of companies and institutions:

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