Using of IES certificates

The international IES certificates for graduates have been issued since 1997 and they have gained recognition in the global labour market. The certificate does not assess the knowledge of a graduate but it provides information about the quality of their education. In addition, the standard certificate supplement called Graduate Profile lists the key competences which graduates acquired during their studies. Another advantage of our certificate is its comprehensibility as we issue it both in English and the official language of your country. Moreover, we can translate it into almost 30 other languages. That is also why we call it “Certificates without limits“.

Details about IES certificates are purposefully and repeatedly distributed to employers and businesses in the regions of certified schools. Moreover, thousands of companies across the business spectrum and hundreds of institutions in the public sector are kept informed and updated.

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Companies and institutions informed about the project

Here you can find a list of companies and institutions which have received our information letter about certification of educational institutions and international IES certificates. We regularly update the list. If you find out that an important firm or business is missing, feel free to notify us ( Choose a state with a list of companies and institutions:

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