International Education Society (IES) was founded in 1997. Since then, our company has established itself as one of the leading specialists in the field of international certification. We provide our services to educational institutions, especially secondary schools, universities and lifelong learning institutes.

IES membership in the International Chamber of Commerce.

We are a member of the International Chamber of Commerce. Our goal is broader support for IES certification at employers.

History of the Certificate project

IES was established as a successor institution to the European Community YOUTH programme, a joint project of Great Britain, Poland, Ireland and the Czech Republic. From 1993 to 1996 this programme was managed and financially supported by the PHARE project.

The YOUTH programme was coordinated by the OUVERTURE headquarters in Glasgow and methodical help was provided by the ECOS-OUVERTURE office in Budapest. Under the YOUTH programme, the position of graduates from various schools and their success in labour market were examined. The results of the study showed one of the main drawbacks – the absence of an international document, a certificate which would ensure its holder the best chances to succeed both in the global and local markets and which would provide employers with quality information not included in the regular school reports and diplomas. Based on these findings, the Certificate project was created.

IES activities

1/ IES runs the Certificate project under which educational institutions and their study programmes are assessed and certified.

2/ IES issues international certificates to graduates from certified institutions. These certificates help them to succeed in the local and global labour markets.

3/ IES issues international certificates to teachers and lecturers from certified and uncertified institutions and to freelance teaching professionals.

Milan Seifert
Chief Executive Officer

Zuzana Zlámalová
Executive Director