The International Certification Institute (ICI) was established in 2019. In the same year, it was interconnected with the International Education Society (IES).

ICI and IES are implementing a joint Certificate project. Certified institutions are automatically certified by both companies.

The main output of ICI certification is a certificate for graduates.

The ICI certificate describes the graduate’s professional competencies, practical knowledge, and experience.

Graduates of certified institutions receive the IES and ICI certificates by default. The combination of certificates strengthens their position and their significance in both, international as well as domestic labour market.

Main activities of ICI

1. Together with IES, it implements the Certificate project. A certified institution will receive a Certificate of Quality from the ICI

2. In addition to the international IES certificate, the ICI issues a certificate describing the graduate’s professional competencies, including a list of notified employers.

Milan Seifert
Chief Executive Officer

Zuzana Zlámalová
Executive Director