Project Certificate

Prestige. Quality. Competitive advantage. Uniqueness. International rating.

IES certifies educational institutions and their study programmes. As a result of the certification process, an institution is assigned a rating which clearly declares its quality. The rating is updated at regular intervals. The unique output of our school certification is an international certificate awarded to its graduates. Every graduate who completed a certified study programme is entitled to obtain the certificate.

The International Certification Institute (ICI) was established in 2019. In the same year, it was interconnected with the International Education Society (IES). ICI and IES are implementing a joint Certificate project. Certified institutions are automatically certified by both companies.

The main output of ICI certification is also a certificate for graduates. The ICI certificate describes primarily the graduate’s professional competencies, practical knowledge, and experience. Graduates of certified institutions receive both certificates by default. The combination of certificates strengthens their position and their significance in both, international as well as domestic labour market.

IES and ICI certification will increase your credit internationally, you will gain a competitive edge and draw the public’s attention to the merits of your school.

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What you gain as a school

When you join the project you will receive these promotional materials.

Price list

Certification of an institution including study programmes

+ Promotional materials

3200 €
Monthly administration fee for maintaining an educational institution and its graduates in IES database, data archiving, usage of the name and logo of IES, the promotion of the educational institution’s participation in the project Certificate, etc. 60 € *

* The fee is reduced depending on the number of IES certificates issued to the graduates of a certified institution in a calendar year.

The above stated prices are without VAT.

How to obtain the certificates


Project application form (Registration)

The application is not a binding agreement.

Sign up for the project


Signing of the contract between IES / ICI and your school

It is possible to sign the Contract of Cooperatiton either during a personal meeting in the IES clients´centre office in Brno (Czech Republic)

Contract of cooperation


Preparation of required documents

Preparing all documentation and other materials necessary for certification of your institution and its educational programmes. Duration: approx. 2 months

Necessary documents:
An on-line questionnaire – please provide us with the following information:
  • educational process
  • teaching methods
  • numbers of students
  • their success in competitions
  • achievements of graduates
  • academic staff
  • further education of teachers
  • project involvement
  • grants and funding
  • international projects
  • cooperation with companies
  • PR activities
  • research activities
  • Photodocumentation
Documents necessary for certification of educational programmes:
  • Name of the programme
  • Number of lessons taught within the programme
  • Syllabus
  • Names, education background and work experience of the pedagogues

For more details, please read the FAQ section


Process execution and rating assignment

Certification procedure (by IES). Duration: 1 month



Handing over the international IES and ICI certificates to your graduates

You will be entitled to order IES and ICI certificates for graduates of your educational institution.

More information on the certificates for graduates