How can I find out whether my school is certified?

The fastest way is on this website under the link Certified institutions. Alternatively you can see our promotional materials at your school, such as the IES granite slab, roll-up, banner or IES flag pole.

What is International IES Certificate?

The international certificate is a document which can be awarded only to a graduate from a certified school. As a standard, they are issued both in English and in the official language of each country. Upon request, the certificate is also available in other language variants. The certificate contains the identification data of the holder, completed educational programme, name and address of the school and a certification grade including the rating of the attended school. The certificate contains necessary protective elements. A specimen certificate and all its translations into world languages can be found on this site under the link Certificate.

What is IES certificate for?

If you enclose the IES certificate to your school report or diploma, you may significantly increase your chances of success in getting a job or advancing your studies.  

Where can I use IES certificate?

In your country or abroad, in a state or private institution or company. If you continue in your studies, you can use your certificate when looking for a job during your trips abroad (Work&Travel Program, foreign internship programmes, etc.)

How long is the certificate valid?

The validity of the certificate is not limited, so it can be also used in 5, 10 or more years’ time. The certificate can serve you well for the whole of your productive age.

What does IES certificate look like? What does it contain?

There is the name and date of birth of the holder, name of the school and of the completed study programme. Very important information is the rating, which is in fact a mark given to the certified school by IES. The certificate is printed on gloss paper, it contains the necessary protective elements, a hologram and a seal with golden embossing, and is inserted in a hard polished cover. Along with the certificate you can also receive your Graduate Profile which provides an overview of the key competences and knowledge scope of the holder.

Is there an electronic version of the certificate available?

Yes, the electronic certificate is issued along with the standard printed version (English, official language, Graduate Profile - where applicable) or on its own. It can only be provided if the applicant specifies his/her email address. The certificate is only issued in English and it is sent immediately after the payment. Thus, it will be instantly at your disposal.

What is the fee for IES certificate?

The current price of the certificate is calculated by the IES coordinator at your school. At some schools, it it possible to save money for the certificate on a regular basis, then the certificate is cheaper.

What are the conditions for obtaining the certificate?

The conditions are set by the school management. In some institutions it is awarded only to the best students, in others it can be given to any student who is interested. For IES, the only condition is the successful completion of a course of study. IES does not conduct any examinations.

How and where can I order the certificate?

The certificate cannot be ordered directly from IES, it must be always ordered via the school. It is possible to order the certificate even long after finishing your studies.

Will I receive the certificate only in English?

You will receive it automatically in English, as well as in the official language. We also issue sets of certificates containing translations into other languages.

The small set of certificates contains its translation into English, an official language and one more world language according to the applicant´s choice.The big set of certificates contains its translation into English, an official language and up to five more languages according to the applicant´s choice.

A specimen certificate and all its translations into world languages can be found on this website under the link The certificate.

I did not manage to order the certificate in time. What should I do?

You will have to contact your school and ask for the certificate. The school will order it from IES and have it sent directly to your address, or the school will send it to you or ask you to collect it at the school.

Is there an on-line list of IES certificate holders?

Because of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) the list of IES certificate holders can´t be displayed any more. If you need to validate the certificate, please contact us on ies@ies-info.com.

* The photos of graduates are illustrative.