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International Education Society (IES)

Our company was founded in 1997 and has gradually gained international prestige, becoming a major institution specializing in the certification of educational entities, especially universities, secondary schools and lifelong learning institutions.

We are members of the International Chamber of Commerce and are working to promote IES certification more widely among employers.

We implement the Certificate project, in which educational entities and their educational programmes are assessed and certified.

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We issue international certificates to graduates of certified bodies. We help them to find employment on the domestic and international labour market.

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We issue international professional certificates proving education, expertise and experience in a specific field as well as certificates proving lecturing skills.

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International Certification Institute (ICI)

The International Certification Institute was founded in 2019 and merged with the International Education Society in the same year. They are working together on the Certificate Project, whereby rated companies receive certification from both institutions.

ICI provides graduate and professional certificates that describe professional competencies, knowledge and experience.

Together with the IES, it implements the Certificate project. The certified institution receives a Certificate of Quality from ICI.

The main benefit of ICI certification is a certificate for graduates describing their professional competencies, knowledge and experience. It also provides a list of informed employers.

Graduates of certified institutions will receive both certificates. By combining the certificates, their position and reach in the domestic and international labour market is strengthened.

ICI also issues a professional certificate demonstrating education and expertise in a specific field. The certificate is issued in English and requires at least three years of experience in the field.

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