Lecturer's certificate

We issue certificates to teachers of all types of schools and lifelong learning institutions. The certificate gives you an international document in English with a translation into the official language declaring your education and teaching experience.

Request a certificate

How to get the certificate?

The certificate will be issued to you on the basis of a binding order. First we will send you a list of all the necessary documents. Within 14 days of receiving your materials and payment, we will then prepare the required certificate for you.

The condition for obtaining the certificate is at least one year of documented teaching experience (min. 400 hours).

Proof of education

You will receive a certificate of your educational qualifications.

Confirmation of practice

You will receive proof of your previous lecturing experience.

International prestige

You will receive an international certificate awarded by an authority.

Price of the certificate

Lecturer's certificate

120 €

A maximum of two fields of lecturing activity may be indicated on the certificate.

A lecturer's certificate does not entitle its holder or the educational body in which the lecturer works to claim that their educational programmes are accredited or certified by the IES.

The price is without VAT.

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