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Certification of schools

What are the benefits of IES certification?

1. Your students get an international certificate to improve their employability
2. Your institution will increase its credit, you will gain a competitive advantage and you will draw public attention to the strengths of your school

What is the validity of the certification?

Certification is valid for 4 years, after which a recertification questionnaire is completed.

How does the school certification process work?

1. Completing the project application form on the IES website
2. Signing the contract online or in person at the IES office in Brno
3. Preparation of documents for the online questionnaire (approx. 1 month)
4. Certification process and assignment of rating to the institution and educational programs (1 month)
5. Issuance of IES and ICI certificates to graduates of the educational institution

What is the IES International Certificate?

An international document intended for the domestic and international labour market, on which the school and training programme rating is indicated. The certificate is issued in English and translated into the official language. Translations into 20 other languages are available.

What is the ICI International Certificate?

The ICI certificate indicates the professional competences that the student has acquired during his/her studies. It also contains a list of important companies and institutions aware of the Certificate project.

What are the costs of certification?

Certification fee for a 4-year period. Regular recertification is included in the price. The IES graduate certificate is paid for by the students themselves.

Is there a database of certified schools?

Yes, here you can search for certified institutions by area of education

For graduates

How do I find out if my school is certified?

Ask your school management directly or contact us at

Why will I need an IES and ICI certificate?

Certificates can help you find a job in your home country or abroad. You can use them when looking for temporary jobs or travelling abroad (Work & Travel Program, foreign internships, etc.)

What is the validity of the certificates?

Certificates have unlimited validity. You can use them at any time in the future.

How much will I pay for IES and ICI certificates?

The IES/ICI coordinator at your school will let you know the price. At some schools, it is possible to save for certificates during your studies.

How and when can I order certificates?

Certificates are only ordered through your school upon successful completion of your studies. They can also be issued at any time after graduation.

How do I verify the authenticity of the certificate?

For data protection reasons (GDPR), we do not provide a list of certificate holders online. If you need to verify the authenticity of a certificate, please contact us at

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