Professional certificate

A professional certificate issued by the International Certification Institute (ICI) allows you to prove your education and expertise in a specific field. It is intended for the general public and is issued in English only. We currently have applicants from 87 countries.

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How to get the certificate?

On the basis of your order you will receive a form by e-mail for the preparation of documents including attachments. This is followed by a review of the materials by IES and the issue of an invoice. After payment of the invoice, we will issue your ICI professional certificate within 14 days.

The condition for obtaining the certificate is at least 3 years of experience in the field (to be documented).

Proof of expertise

You get a certificate of education and expertise in a specific field.

Confirmation of practice

You will get proof of your skills and experience.

International prestige

You will receive an international certificate awarded by an authority.

Price of the certificate

ICI Professional Certificate in English

120 €

The price is without VAT.

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