Types of certificates we issue


IES-Certificate solidifies CSMU diploma and  rises my chance to get a position at the good clinic.

Prajapati Priyanka*
Crimea State Medical University, Simferopol, Russia

Thanks to IES certificate, I didn´t have any problems with finding a qualified job. Recently, I have been offered a new position and I work as a pharmacy technician. I´m in charge of all medicines in the pharmacy, I process orders from nursing homes and hospitals requesting medicines and other medical supplies, I communicate with insurance companies regarding prescriptions and also with drivers delivering medicines to nursing homes, hospitals and homes. So once again, many thanks!

Jana Novotná*
Tertiary School for Medical Staff, Olomouc
Czech Republic

IES-Certificate is the “lucky ticket” may contribute to my PLAB score I am going to pass in UK to get the professional degree of the first level.

Mehta Saket Kumar*
Crimea State Medical University, Simferopol, Russia

Crimea is too far from India and not all there hear and know about CSMU. IES-Certificate helps me to be recognized as the graduate from the University of the high education quality.


Prajapati Vimal Kumar*
Crimea State Medical University, Simferopol, Russia

The IES Certificate has helped me tremendously since I don´t have a university degree which was a requirement for the leading position in Customer Services. However, for my employers, the certificate was a guarantee of high-quality work and a level of education which exceeds common secondary school knowledge.

Katarína Bodnárová*
Secondary School of Enterprise in Prešov