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Воронежский институт высоких технологий, г. Воронеж
Воронежский институт высоких технологий, г. Воронеж
адрес: ul. Lenina, 73 A, 394043 Voronezh, Russian Federation
Web: http://www.vivt.ru
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vivtvrn

Voronezh Institute of High Technologies (VIHT) is an autonomous non-profit educational organization of higher education. VIHT has been carrying out fundamental and professional training of high-skilled personnel in the fields of IT-technologies, Computer Science and Engineering, Economics and Management, Human Resource Management, Service and Tourism since 1992.

VIHT provides training for students from near and far abroad countries at all programs realizing the system of extended studies: pre-university training–secondary professional education – higher education - Master degree programs Postgraduate Studies - advanced professional training.

VIHT has international certification by ISO 9001-2008 quality certification of educational programs.

VIHT introduces new technologies and teaching methods cooperating with main study centres of international companies such as Cisco Network Academy, which provides access to CCCNA qualification for further employment in the field of telecommunications; Softline Study Centre and Microsoft IT Academy, which allow going through further professional certification in the field of IT-Technologies.

VIHT takes up the leading positions in the ranking of higher educational institutions offering IT-education in Voronezh.


References of students: https://youtu.be/zyZbsyKO7Gk