School type specification

A Graduate University awards master-level and/or doctorate degrees. A graduate university is divided into faculties that are certified individually in the framework of the project.

An Undergraduate University primarily awards bachelor degrees and is not divided into faculties.

A College provides students with higher education in specific fields of study. Study is finished with graduation. Such a graduate has the right to use the title of "College Graduate". On-campus study lasts from two to three and a half years. Distance study lasts from three to four years

Secondary schools provide students with different forms of secondary education and vocational training. They prepare students for professions as well as for college or university studies. Secondary schools are divided into the following categories: secondary vocational school, secondary grammar school, and apprentice training school.

A Secondary vocational school prepares students for specific vocational activities in the technical, business-related, pedagogical, medical, social, administrative, artistic and cultural fields in particular. It prepares students for college or university studies as well. The length of study is maximally four years.

A Secondary grammar school is a liberal education institution that prepares students primarily for subsequent university studies. Students attend secondary grammar schools for six or eight years..

An apprentice training school offers apprenticeship and academic subjects. Apprenticeship subjects prepare students for labour-oriented careers and are concluded with final exams. Academic subjects prepare individuals for more demanding labour-oriented careers of a technical/operational character. They are concluded with high school diploma exams.

Language schools provide language in courses in differing lengths. For certification purposes the course curricula must be clearly specified.

Educational agencies provide training through courses of different length and in various educational fields. For certification purposes the course curricula must be clearly specified. Courses may not be shorter than five teaching lessons.