Certificate for lecturers

The certificate is issued on the basis of a binding order from the applicant who will in return receive a list of documents required for the certification. IES will prepare the certificate within a month after receiving complete documents and full payment.

The main condition for getting this certificate is at least a year of teaching practice (a minimum of 400 documented teaching hours).

IES issues certificates for teachers of all types of school and lecturers of institutions of lifelong education. The output is an International Certificate in English and in translation into the official language. The certificate clearly declares the education and teaching practice of the certified lecturer.




Note: Neither the holder of the Certificate for lecturers nor the educational institution where the teacher works is entitled to inform the public that their study programmes are accredited or certified by IES. They are not authorized to issue their own certificates or use the IES logos or text formulations mentioning the IES certification. Only duly certified institutions which completed the whole certification process, including the certification of individual study programmes, are authorized to issue certificates to their graduates and inform the public about gaining the IES certification for their study programmes.

Price List

Lecturer of a certified institution IES 150 €
Other lecturers 200 €

* Stating two educational subjects/fields on the certificate is included.

* Other fields of teaching may be listed in the Appendix to the certificate (10 EUR per each field).

Certificate for specialist

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